What You Need to Know About GE Rx

General Electric, or GE, has been leading the way ahead of many other PLCs with its GE Rx series, which includes GE Rx7i and GE Rx3i. The GE Rx was designed to help many industries increase their productivity while still remaining flexible and, of course, programmable. What do you need to know about GE Rx?

The Versatility of the GE Rx is Unparalleled

It’s designed to work across numerous hardware platforms, meaning you won’t need a different PLC for all your devices. It’s also designed to work with many different applications and has a large amount of memory. Program it specifically for your operations and control input and output along with anything else you’d like to control with it. Just simply program it and go! It’s easily adaptable with new technology and can decrease your production costs with all of its versatile options.

GE Rx is Designed to be User Friendly

Part of what makes the GE Rx series compatible with so many different operations, industries, and applications is that it’s designed to remain user friendly. From using a flexible design to having only a single control engine, you can be sure you’ll be able to set up your GE Rx controller to do exactly what you want. When repairs or parts are needed for your unit, Qualitrol is the only factory authorized GE 90-70 repair center in the world, so you can have the confidence that your unit will be as good as new when you get it back from us or you buy parts from us.

GE Rx Increases Performance and Decreases Costs

The GE Rx controller’s job is to increase the efficiency and performance of your operations while decreasing costs. With a high-speed processor, open communications between different ports such as Ethernet, GENIUS, and HART, and programming tools to help you specify exactly what you want, you can be assured the GE Rx does its job. It’s one of the most popular PLCs in the world, and with its new GE Rx3i you can transfer data faster than ever, have efficient options to program your system, and increase your productivity with this single control PLC.

GE’s PACSystem’s Rx3i and Rx7i are available for you to take control of your operations and increase your efficiency. Whether you’re looking to find parts, get parts repaired, or purchase a whole new system, consider these powerful features of GE’s Rx PACSystems.

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