What to Do After a PLC Migration

Following a successful installation, it’s critical to ensure that everything works correctly. Our engineers stay onsite while the new system is commissioned and operated real-time in full production mode. We understand that there are ways the machine is supposed to work, and that only when the real product is made with the real operators working the machine can a true test of the final operation be confirmed.

Our team is prepared to work around the clock if necessary to ensure successful operation. We’re not satisfied until you verify complete satisfaction with operations and enhancements.

During this process, there’s often a program or wiring change. Any changes are performed quickly and added to documentation. After a successful start-up and commissioning, we create a final set of drawings and software revisions, gives a copy to you, and saves a copy on its servers.

Finally, you check that everything is working properly, and the migration process is complete.

About Us

Qualitrol International is the repair and remanufacturer division of Cimtec Automation. We have installed, serviced or repaired hundreds of thousands of PLC systems over the past 20 years and hire the most knowledgeable automation engineers in the world.

Qualitrol is the only factory-authorized GE 90-70 Repair Center in the world and is also the only place you can still get new GE 90-70 PLC parts.

Workmanship, Functional Testing, and Product Presentation are the cornerstones of Qualitrol International’s Remanufacturing and Repair processes.

PLC Migration


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