The #1 Rule of Maintaining Any PLC System

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Rule number one of maintaining any PLC system is “keep the floor running.” High quality systems like the GE 90-70 Series help a lot. Durable and precise, these systems can work for years without much intervention.

We all know the value of regular maintenance and preventative care on the system. They not only keep the process flowing, but they also help with rule number two: “Keep the costs down.”

A well maintained GE 90-70 system requires fewer repairs and runs more efficiently. It will also last longer.

Likewise, a well-prepared maintenance team is better positioned to pull off Rules One and Two simultaneously.

Over the next few weeks we will be publishing some of the most common steps you can take to help ensure the long-term stability of your 90-70 system. And in those instances where something does go wrong, you’ll be better equipped to get it back in business!

In the meantime please be sure to check out some of our past blogs, there’s also lots of great tips on our YouTube Channel and you can download the GE 90-70 Series Field Guide.

We know that you know the importance of preventative maintenance (PM) and keeping everything in top working order. We don’t really have to sell you on that. It’s your sanity that’s on the line whenever things go sideways, after all.

We do want to remind you that in most of the critical issues where we’re called in to help, the maintenance team had been doing a great job with their PM schedule. They were diligent. Even the most careful of organizations can fall prey to complacency after a while, though, especially when things have been going well for so long.

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