Soft Landing for Legacy Repair, Parts and Support

When GE Automation announced this past December the GE PLC Series 90-30, Genius and RX7i reached mature status, Qualitrol International was already well prepared to support and provide users of these series systems with support and product.


When GE stops production and repair, that where we step in to keep operations up and running.  We are here for the long haul, even after Sr. Technicians who put the systems in place have retired!  We have the technical expertise on these legacy systems to not only trouble-shoot, but to provide on -site training for the newly hired maintenance team.

Questions / Concerns?  We’ve heard them all-

  • What is the migration path that the manufacturer is offering?
  • Should I change out all of the mature PLCs’ for a newer platform?
  • If I’m going to have to make a wholesale change, should I just change vendors?
  • Or, can I hang in there for the next several years hoping that I can still get parts and find someone to fix the old system even after the vendor stops supporting the product?

In these days of tight capital budgets and uncertain demand, footing the bill for an unplanned PLC changeout is just not in the cards.  While migration is inevitable, you might be able to postpone it longer than you think.

For years Qualitrol International has been in the business of extending the life of obsolete, GE Legacy PLCs.  Whether it is the Series Six, Series One, Series Three or Series Five, Series 90-70, Field Control or Genius, Qualitrol combines quality repair services, millions of dollars of recertifiied  PLC parts, and knowledgeable field and phone support resources into a support network for your aging PLCs.

We provide years’ worth of spare parts, high quality repair services for 20-year-old PLCs and have the manuals, software and documentation to get you out of trouble until you are ready to convert.

It’s what we like to call a Soft Landing.
So when your PLC vendor of choice decides to pull the plug, especially if you have GE  on your critical PLC line, rest assured that Qualitrol will provide the Soft Landing.


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