PLC Troubleshooting Video Library

One of the guys that used to work here would tell customers who had a troubleshooting question, “Read the book, don’t wait for the movie!” (he was kidding, of course)
But, now, you can watch the movie – the troubleshooting movie, that is.

Qualitrol International has launched its Library of PLC Troubleshooting videos.  Topics covered include changing batteries in various GE 90-30, 90-70, and Versamax CPUs; setting up network communications for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PAC systems; and many others.

You can check our video collection on our PLC Tech Support Video page.
We have found that these short, concise videos are a great way to demonstrate some basic troubleshooting techniques.  Sometimes it can be difficult to try and explain techincal ideas over the phone – we’ve all been there.  And with the wealth of knowledge of our PLC engineers, it is a great way for them to show you how to do certain tasks and then make them available for you to use anytime.

We find that many younger maintenance personnel charged with supporting controllers in many factories are not familiar with even the simplest tasks in some older PLC systems.  It’s not their fault – it’s just that PLCs can last so long and they can stay in production for decades.  It’s hard to expect an engineer who has only been out of school 5 years to know how to support a PLC that has been on the market for 20 years!

If you ever have question for our PLC techs, please call or email.  They are available to walk you through any troubleshooting situation.  Heck, they might even make a video about it.

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