PLC Migration Options & How to Choose the Right One

After an onsite inspection, our engineers review the findings and make recommendations based on known end-of-life and legacy hardware issues. We take into consideration your time and money constraints, your preferred timeline, and what you want to accomplish from the migration

Based on that, next we determine the best products to use and how to configure them to find the right solution for your needs. Then we provide a budgetary design and quote.

We will suggest two or three different options for your migration, which may include a simple migration, a phased approach, or a full-bore migration. There may be a good, better, and best way to go, or divergent options to achieve the upgrades within your time and money constraints.

We will also clearly lay out all of the assumptions and observations that went into making its recommendations. This is a great time to make sure that everyone clearly understands the scope and desired outcome of the project

Choose the PLC Plan

If the budgetary proposal meets your design and budget expectations and you decide to move forward, our engineering division prepares a detailed final proposal. They’ll re-visit the project site to take a deeper dive into the existing system, collect data and complete initial tasks including the following:

–  Access the firmware revision levels for your current programming software.

–  Review any other programming tools present in the plant, to maintain consistency.

–  Record online the current firmware revision levels of the installed I/O modules, using GE Proficy Machine Edition, VersaPro, or LogicMaster programming software.

–  Verify compatibility with the latest GE Proficy Machine Edition software.

–  Identify location of all remote drops and remote racks.

– Determine if agreed-upon system design will work in the existing panels or if new panels should be constructed.

–  Verify model numbers, communications protocols, and interface types for any third party devices to be interfaced to the final system.

–  Inspect all infrastructure items needed for new system start-up such as power sources, network access, and final system location to ensure that all scenarios are accounted for and planned for.

– Meet with operators to understand any concerns or improvements that should be considered in the final design. This input is at your discretion.

– Determine if there are any restrictions to access to the machine such as only on weekends, only during a scheduled maintenance period, or only during second shift. This will factor into the overall onsite conversion timeline.

–  Determine how much of the electrical installation you will complete yourself, and how much our team will provide. This includes who will connect the new panel to the power grid, and, if it is a total I/O upgrade, re-wire the entire I/O structure.

Following this visit, we prepare a detailed final proposal for the total migration.

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