How to Replace the Battery in a GE Versamax CPU

The popular GE Versamax CPU IC200CPUE05 contains a battery for back-up. Qualitrol’s engineers show you how to replace the battery.


At Qualitrol International, we provide support for GE PLC systems. Today, we are going to look at how to replace a battery in a GE Versamax Modular CPU. Stan Baker, our senior PLC engineer, will walk us through this process.

Stan: On a Versamax Modular CPU, the battery access is actually at the top of the processor itself. The replacement battery itself is catalog number IC200ACC001. To remove the battery, take a small screwdriver, and access this hole right here, and gently pry it up, and it lifts right out. Then, take the new battery, and put it back in the same location, and we are done. And notice that we did this with the power on, that way we can be assured that the program and configuration will be maintained throughout this process. This battery change-out process does apply to all Versamax Modular CPUs, thank you.

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