How to Change the Battery in the GE 90-30 PLC IC693CPU

Qualitrol International . . . we provide support for GE 9030 PLCs and complete 9030 systems. Today, we’re going to look at how to change the battery in the IC693CPU 311, 313, and 323, the CPUs that are embedded in the backplane. Our senior engineer, Stan Baker, will take us through this process.

Stan: As with all Series 9030 PLCs, the battery is located in the power supply that is plugged in to the same base plate as the CPU. To access the battery, we open the small door here at the bottom of the power supply, lift it open, and then gently unplug the battery from its socket. Take the new battery, plug it in to the same location . . . being careful here. This is a live circuit. You’ll also notice that when I plugged in the battery, that the battery LED did go out, indicating that the battery is good. We take the new battery, clip it into the door, and carefully insert the wires and close the door back up.

You’ll notice that I did this whole procedure while the PLC was powered up. We recommend that you do it this way so that you can be assured that the program and configuration will be retained during this process. Thank you.

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