GE Series Five Addressing

Conversation from a recent customer inquiry regarding addressing schemes in the GE Fanuc Series Five, as answered by our Senior PLC Engineer:

Question:  I am looking for assistance in monitoring local input/output Series 5 PLC addresses using Cimplicity HMI with the CCM2 protocol.

I am able to read register values correctly by simply entering the register reference (i.e. R00442) but when using the same method to try and read the Local I/O points (i.e. O0290, I0122 etc) I don’t get the same value as in the PLC and they don’t match up. I have tried many varients but just can’t get the correct value to come through.

Answer:  The Series 5 addressing for I/O points when using CCM protocol does not use the actual I/O point address. It uses group numbers. For example, if you want to access inputs 1-8, you need to use address 257 (101H) in your communication command. (Please see the Series 5 Data Communication Manual, GFK-0244B.)

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