GE Rx3i Genius Communications Gateway (GCG) now supports GE Field Control I/O

Hundreds of thousands of GE Field Control I/O modules are installed throughout the world. In recent years, Field Control users have faced two big concerns:

  1. I can’t use my Field Control with the Rx3i Genius Communications Gateway, IC695GCG001, so I must get rid of it when I upgrade to Rx3i and Profinet, and
  2. I can’t find Field Control parts any longer.

Great News –  both problems are solved now!

  1. GE’s Rx3i Genius Communications Gateway, IC695GCG001, now supports the GE Field Control Genius Bus Interface, IC670GBI002 and IC670GBI102, and all Field Control I/O modules!
  2. Qualitrol manufactures the complete line of NEW Field Control GBI and I/O modules!

Effective January 2018, the Genius Communications Gateway (GCG) will recognize all Field Control devices and be configurable from Proficy ME.  Hardware ID IC695GCG001-DE with firmware version is required.  Current GCG modules are shipping from GE with revision -DF.

In 2013, we acquired licensing rights from GE to manufacture and repair all GE Field Control (IC670) units, including the Genius Bus Interface units (GBI), and all digital and analog I/O modules.  Every unit is manufactured to GE specifications, tested on GE’s actual test rigs, and packaged in original GE packaging.  We have dozens of parts on our shelf ready to ship today.

So don’t give up on Field Control – GE and Qualitrol have made all the right moves to allow you to keep your Field Control systems in place and supported for years to come.


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