GE Proficy Machine Edition and Windows 7 with Virtual Machine

I have been asked by several customers about compatibility between Windows 7 and GE Proficy Machine Edition (ME).  Currently, Windows 7 and GE Proficy Machine Edition are not compatible.  Compatibility is projected for late 4Q10 or 1Q11.  No specific date is available.

If you have a PC with Windows 7 and need GE Proficy ME to run on it, the only workaround that we are aware of is to install a Virtual Machine with a Windows XP operating system and then install Proficy Machine Edition in the Virtual Machine.  There are several Vitrual Machine software packages out there.  Microsoft and Sun have downloadable versions available and VMWare is available for purchase (VMWare only works if you have the hardware USB license for Proficy ME).

Qualitrol solves this problem with its new Logic Developer Platform (LDP).  We have a fully-loaded compact PC that runs GE Proficy ME in Windows 7.  We have solved all of the installation issues and issues with the USB serial port – you just power it up and go!

If you have questions on working with Virtual PC and Proficy ME or want more information on our LDP, please contact our technical team at 1-800-784-9385.

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