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When you need support for your 90-30 PLC, our engineers are just a call away. We work to totally support your GE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLC, so whether you need repairs, advice, or just want to browse our frequently asked questions (FAQs) and online manuals, Qualitrol International is here to support you.


The following are our FAQs when it comes to 90-30 PLCs from GE!


What Software Can I Use to Program and Troubleshoot GE 90-30 PLCs?

There are three different software packages available for troubleshooting your GE 90-30. They are:


  1. Logicmaster 90-30. This original software for the Series 90-30 PLC is DOS-based to run in Windows 95, 98, and 2000. This software isn’t supported by GE Fanuc in Windows XP and Vista environments, and as a mature product there will be no further improvements.


  1. VersaPro Standard Edition. This Windows-based software can run in Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP, although it’s not supported by GE Fanuc in Windows Vista. VersaPro Standard can program Series 90 Micros and even certain VersaMax Micro and modular PLCs. This is a mature product like the Logicmaster.


  1. Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer PLC Standard Edition. Another Windows-based software package, which can run in Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. This is the current software package for Series 90-30 PLCs. It supports all of the same PLCs that VersaPro Standard can as well as several of the newer 90-30s and VersaMax PLC that VersaPro Standard doesn’t. This is the only software that’ll support new Series 90-30 and VersaMax CPUs and modules as they become available.


When I Try to Download the Configuration to my Series 90 CPU, the Download Fails because Passwords Are Disabled. How Do I Fix This?

This error happens when you try to download a configuration in which the CPU is configured for “Passwords Enabled” and the CPU being downloaded is set to “Passwords Disabled.”


When you disable passwords in a Series 90 CPU, the only way to download a configuration where the CPU is configured for “Passwords Enabled” is to completely erase the memory in the target CPU.


To do this, simply turn off the CPU, disconnect the battery, and turn the CPU back on with the battery still disconnected. This should clear the memory. You may have to clear the memory by shorting out a super-capacitor on the CPU module in some cases. You can do this by removing the CPU from the baseplate and shorting across two solder pads labeled “MEM CLR” for about ten seconds.


A configuration with “Passwords Enabled” can be downloaded onto the CPU once the memory is erased.


Another way to do this is to change the configuration being downloaded to a “Passwords Disabled” setting and then download the configuration onto the CPU. This should only be done when passwords aren’t a problem.


My Series 90 CPU Stopped. How Do I Identify the Cause?

You can determine the cause by referring to the LEDs on the power supply as well as the CPU. Check the POWER LED (which will show the health of the power supply) and the OK LED (which will indicate the health of the CPU). If both of these look good, then use one of the programming packages (the three software programs mentioned above) to connect to the Series 90 programming port and check the PLC and I/O fault tables. These will help you locate the source of your problem. If the OK LED light is out, the software can’t communicate.


My PLC Won’t Communicate with the Programming Port on my Series 90 CPU. What Could Be Causing this Problem?

The causes of this problem may include a bad port on the PC, for which you can use the PC’s serial port to try to communicate with a separate device to check if it’s operating properly.


This problem could also be the result of a faulty cable. To check the cable’s operation, try to connect to another Series 90 PLC. You could also have the wrong communication settings. Check that the default settings are 19200 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and odd parity. If you suspect the settings have changed, compare the CPU’s port configuration to the port settings for your software.


A bad programming port may also be the cause of this problem. Check the +5 volt pin (pin 5) on the programming port versus pin 7 (0 volts). If the +5 volts is not present, the fuse for that port is blown; this fuse is not field-replaceable.


If your problem still isn’t solved, call our technical support specialists at 1-866-599-6507 to help!


Can I Program my Series 90-30 IC693 CPU364, CPU372, and CPU374 through the Serial Port on the CPU Module?



Can I Use the External 24VDC Output on the Series 90-30 Power Supply to Power External Devices?

Yes, but using this output will decrease the amount of current available on the 24VDC output that goes to the Series 90-30 modules via the baseplate. There’s only 0.625A total available current on the 24VDC output of the power supply.


If these FAQs don’t answer your question, don’t hesitate to contact our tech support department for help with your GE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLC at 1-866-599-6507. We’re also available via email at or to chat online. For all your GE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLCs, Qualitrol International is here to help!

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