Factory Authorized GE 90-70 (IC697) PLC Repair

We are the only Factory-authorized Repair Center for GE IP 90-70 PLC parts in the world!

Yes, we can say that.  In late 2013, we became the only authorized 90-70 PLC repair house.  GE IP got out of the 90-70 PLC repair business and we took it over.

We now have all of the documentation, bills of materials and board descriptions for all 90-70 PLC units.  We also are now housing all of the leftover raw materials that GE IP had leftover from the building and repairing of the units in their Charlottesville, VA, factory.

And we have more proof – we have all of the test systems that GE IP used on the factory floor to test every 90-70 part.  See for yourself:

90-70 Factory Authorized Repair Center
IC697 PLC Repair Center

So, if you want 90-70 PLC parts repaired to the highest standard – factory-quality standard – you’ve come to the right place.  You get

  • One year edge-to-edge warranty on each repaired unit
  • Every repaired unit is Factory-tested and validated before it leaves our shop
  • Actual OEM components used for all repairs
  • All PLC Repair Technicians are IPC 7711/7721 Certified for the highest quality workmanship
We are the BEST place to come for all GE IP 90-70 repairs – and for all PLC repairs for that matter.

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