Downloading Register Values to a GE PLC with Cimplicity

Another techincal question/answer session from our GE PLC Specialists:

Question:  The PLC Battery died over shutdown.  The electrician had to reload the program.  The re-loaded program didn’t have the register values.  I don’t think I know all I should know about saving programs in Cimplicity ME.  Can you put me in touch with and ME subject matter expert?

Answer:  When you are online with a PLC, and you want to make a backup that will include the register values, you should go to the top level menu Target, and under this select Upload “Target1” from Controller (Note- if you have renamed the Target, the name will show in the “ “).  When you click on upload, a pop-up window will give you options to select of Hardware Configuration and Motion, Logic, and Initial/Forced Values.  All of these selections should be checked to get a complete upload.  The Initial/Forced Values selections will make sure that the register values are uploaded.  After the upload is complete, you can go offline and close the project using the File-Close Project command.  If you choose to you can then use the File – Backup Project to put the project into a zip file tat can be easily stored or transferred.

From this point, if you want to load the project to a PLC, you would open the project, go online with the PLC, and with the PLC stopped, select the Target – Download “Target1” to Controller .   This will pop up an options window, where you can select Hardware Configuration, Logic, and Initial/Forced values.  If you choose all of these, after the download is completed the register values will contain the values from your backup.

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