10 Reasons You Should Get Remanufactured PLC Parts

Remanufactured PLC components provide a wealth of benefits to an organization. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t understand the full range of benefits, and only think of cost savings when they hear the word ‘remanufactured.’

However, not all remanufactured parts were created equally. Qualitrol goes above and beyond other providers of remanufactured components with our quality assurance and wealth of benefits. While our remanufactured parts are sure to cut your expenses, there are many other reasons to consider remanufactured parts, including the following.

1. Reduce PLC Product Cost

One of the biggest advantages of buying remanufactured PLC parts is the price. Remanufactured parts are typically about half the price of a new unit. Over the course of several months or even years, the savings will be significant adding to your bottom line.

2. Better Availability

Since we have a massive inventory of remanufactured parts, we can ship your order right to anywhere in the world right away! You’ll be up and running in no time.

3. Quality Backups

Not only is there better availability so you can get your part faster we take it a step further. We’ll send you a remanufactured part so you’re up and running today, and in the meantime you can send in your bad part for repair. Once that part is ready you’ll we’ll send it back and now you’ve got a quality spare.

4. You’re PLC is Covered

Some businesses are hesitant to purchase remanufactured parts because they think they are less reliable than new ones. That is not the case at all. We’re so confident in our repair techs and our work that we provide a two-year warranty on all remanufactured PLCs parts.

5. Our Track Record

For over 20 years Qualitrol has supplied remanufactured PLCs, thousands of large-scale industrial, manufacturing companies, and production facilities have relied on that work the first time and continue to work for years to come.

6. Built By Certified Techs 

All of our repair techs are certified Qualitrol Technicians. They’re IPC 7711/7721 certified so you can rest assured that high standards are met with each part.

7. Quality Assurance 

Cutting corners is not what we do. We always use the same components or exact replacements as the OEM on all remanufactured units. You’ll receive a high quality ‘like new’ product, packed and shipped in box it’ll be hard to tell the difference between our remanufactured parts and a new one. This also applies to our repairs.

8. PLC Units That Pass the Test

Every PLC part we sell passes a checklist of tests before receiving the stamp of approval. We test all aspects of the CPU and rigorous I/O circuit testing under full load conditions. This ensures that each unit is functioning at their top performance level.

9. Looks As Good As New

It may be a remanufacture part, but it looks brand new. Each unit is hand cleaned and the packaging matches the OEM. In addition new labels are put on the unit so you can clearly identify the part number and description.

10. We’ve Got Your Back

Like we said before it’s good to have quality part as a backup, but Qualitrol also has your back. Our support team is available to help 24/7. You can receive assistance anytime of the day if you have a question for tech support or if you just need product info.

While other suppliers think that the only reason to use remanufactured parts is a price game, we know better. That’s why we only let certified techs remanufacture components, offer warranties on our products, and offer full 24/7 support. No one better understands how challenging PLC issues can be, and we take great pride in caring for our customers’ short- and long-term needs. Because we are so attentive to our customers’ needs and offer a wide range of supportive benefits for remanufactured PLC parts, we remove any risk of a sunken investment.

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